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Submission Guidelines For ::: Authors Terms of Service:

1. You agree that you are the original author of each article you submit. If you have hired a ghost writer, you agree that you have exclusive rights to each article you submit.

2. There are no guarantees that your articles will be accepted for publication in our directory. It is at our sole discretion whether or not to include your articles. If published, we reserve the right to remove any articles at any time.

3. We reserve the right to choose a more suitable category for your articles if we find them to be classified wrongly.  Please do put a little forethought into the category in which you submit, as it will benefit you more in the long run.

4. By submitting your articles to, you agree to allow us to:
Publish your article on and any of its article directory partners. Publish your article in RSS format for other websites to syndicate.  Publish your article in our real time, daily, or weekly newsletters.

5. You agree that is a free service for authors and publishers. You will not be paid for submitting your articles to our sites just as we don't get paid for hosting them.

6. You agree to not include any affiliate links in the body of your article. If you are trying to promote an affiliate program, please set up your own domain and link to it in your resource box. HTML links within the article will be removed.  Put them in your resource box if this article is related to an affiliate program that you are in love with and have used and recommend highly.

7. may at any time translate your article into various languages for our sister sites. Your article will remain complete with your resource box if and when we do this.

8. We reserve the right to change these terms of service at any time. We will generally notify the community of changes via our site blog and/or the TOS files.

9. We reserve the right to include advertising on pages with your articles.  (Be assured it will not be anything unsavory or illegal!) ::: Publisher Terms of Service

1. You must *not* remove "Article Source:" from each/any article you choose to publish.  It's a free service we are providing for you and it benefits both of us in growth, more traffic, as well as spreading the word about our free article directory.  We appreciate your consideration.

2. You must respect the copyright and intellectual property rights of each author whose articles you wish to publish.  This includes but is not limited to:

1.)  Author's resource box
2.)  Any links provided by the author.

3. You must not change, edit, or reword any part of any article not written by you including the resource box.  If you have something in mind, write the author directly and state your needs, but do not change his/her article without permission.

4. You must agree to keep ALL hyperlinks "live" in any article you publish from our site, so that users can click on said link and be taken to it's destination.

5. You agree to never use any articles obtained from in any form of spam or unsolicited mail.  This is VERY important.  SPAM is not only offensive, it's illegal.

6. You agree to not publish any of our articles on sites that contain hate, racist, warez, p*o*r*n, or any other illegal, nefarious or personally offensive material.  None of our authors would want this, and the Golden Rule applies in business as well as in life.  Please respect your fellow human beings.

7. You agree to never sell any article obtained from our directory without direct written consent from the original author. This includes selling articles individually or in a compilation.  There are some VERY strict laws about copyrighted material and the theft of intellectual property.

Disclaimer  You agree to not hold or its owners liable for the accuracy of any article on this or any site controlled by Donna Maher & Associates, and you acknowledge that is simply a center of mutual interest and publishing activity for authors and publishers to meet. 

Intellectual Property Note: If you suspect someone of stealing your original work, please contact us with details and we will remove the article in question immediately. implicitly does not endorse any author, website, or product mentioned in any articles not written specifically by the team or its members.

Further Legal Disclaimers: All articles published by are not intended to be used for legal, medical, or any other type of advice. All articles are for informational purposes only and nor it's owners or authors are responsible for any resultant reactions or ramifications by article readers who do not read or heed this TOS.   [Lastly, although in an ideal world this shouldn't be necessary, but unfortunately is:  This is a clean, law-abiding, family-oriented website and we will not hesitate to remove SPAM, p*o*r*n, and any illegal-type or other malevolent articles or material as well as be obliged to report the offender to the appropriate authorities where applicable.]


F.Y.I.  A Few More "Guidelines" To Avoid Rejection of your article(s) (copied from website):

If your article is ever declined, it's likely that you have used an auto-submitter, or not taken time to make sure your article reflects your subject title, or you have been lazy and copied and pasted a PLR or a ghostwriter's free article from some database that is a clone of hundreds of others just like it or one of the below lists of reasons for declining your article(s) which was formed by all of our huge group of  Article Directory Publishers in unison:

    * Active links in article body are not allowed. Please place them in the author bio section.
    * Your article is nothing more than a "glorified classified" and really nothing suitable for our directory visitors to gain value from
    * Advertising for some product or service, not a real "article of value" to our readers or potential publishers.
    * Affiliate Links not allowed.
    * Article already in database.
    * Article content inappropriate for our reader base or our niche.
    * We do not post Press Releases.
    * Article is published online by a different author.
    * Article is published online by MANY different authors.
    * Article is too short. There is a 450 word minimum.
    * Article submitted multiple times (more than twice)
    * Article submitted multiple times and under the wrong category
    * Contains dis-allowed html tags.
    * Contains multiple grammatical or spelling or formatting errors.
    * Content does not fit our needs at this time.
    * Duplicate article submission.
    * First half of article is keyword loaded. Rewrite and we will reconsider.
    * I do NOT publish articles from writers with invalid email addresses.
    * Links to "adult" web site in article or resource box.
    * Links to casino and gambling sites in article OR resource box.
    * Links to a site with the EXACT same article on them.
    * Links within article are broken or too many links within article.
    * Maximum of 3 links in the Resource Box is allowed.
    * Must supply a real name in user profile.
    * No advertising please - this is an ARTICLE DIRECTORY.
    * No category for this article.
    * No keywords listed.
    * Not Informative, Self Serving... see 'glorified classified' or use our classified advertising page created specifically FOR those!
    * Please address your grammar/syntax issues.
    * Please do not use hard breaks... they really look bad when visitors view the articles!
    * Please remove the links from the article body and resubmit.
    * Please review our Submission FAQ's and resubmit.
    * Please spell check your article.
    * Private Label Rights article cut-and-pasted. Re-write at least 30% of PLR articles and then resubmit for review.
    * Racist/Discriminative writing will not be tolerated nor posted here.
    * Self serving piece. Not an article.
    * Sorry, quotes in content make this a Press Release not an article.
    * Submitted under wrong category
    * This does not fit the topic you placed it in.
    * This is an ad, not an article!
    * This is an unaltered private label rights (PLR) article.
    * To many links in body of article to your site.
    * Too many affiliate links in article. Limit is one per every 500 words.
    * Too many misspelled words, run-together words/paragraphs, no paragraph breaks... formatting is important to your reputation as an author!
    * Vulgarities/Swearing/Foul Language NOT ALLOWED.
    * We do NOT allow links to hate sites.
    * We do NOT allow links to X rated sites.
    * SPAM - we simply don't want any at all.
    * Your article is less than 400 - 450 words.
    * Your article is more than 2,000 words.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it will give you some idea of our publishing guidelines.  We strive to be a high quality resource for publishers of spiritual ezines and spiritually related website content, not a repository for 'le crapola' and 'le glorified classified ads'. I'm sure you can fully understand and respect our policies and our rationales for article acceptance or rejection! If not, then perhaps you may need to go and post in a safelist or a free classifieds website instead of an article directory.  We do not use auto-approval software, so each article is read and approved or rejected by a human being with feelings and a brain.  :-)